Convenient workout programs designed to help you live an abundant, pain free life.

Increase your strength, mobility, and balance.


Receive Gentle, Expert Guidance


Gain Strength & Flexibility

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Move Easily & Feel Your Best

Restore the connection between your mind and body with effective, scientific-based movements, so you can:

  • Recover from injuries and illness more quickly

  • Feel and look younger than you are

  • Enjoy a higher quality of life and maintain your independence

  • Feel stronger, more limber, and experience less pain

  • Improve your mobility and have better balance

  • Gain energy and increase longevity

As a retired professional educator, I am particularly impressed with skillful, intelligent approach that Katy orchestrates according to the abilities of her clients. Articulate, caring and witty. Katy has improved my well being enormously.
— Judith K.



Signature Offering:
6-week REboot Program

REboot is a step-by-step, whole-body program that helps you gently and effectively build strength and flexibility.


Program Details:

I developed the REboot program to be convenient, accessible, and effective with 30-minute video workouts that will help you easily transform your body to optimal functionality with mindfulness, proper alignment, less pain, and better overall health.

6 training modules x 2 videos per module = 12 unique workouts

This program is perfect for those who want to gain strength and mobility, reduce pain, or simply get their body moving again.

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD for only $29.99 + shipping and handling.

Lush Live:
Virtual Live Session/ In-Studio Private Sessions

Receive individualized attention tailored to your body, fitness levels, and movement goals with either one-on-one virtual or in-person live instruction.


Program Details:

Lush Live was developed for those who want individual, personalized attention to help them achieve their health and fitness objectives. Whatever your goals may be, I can help you address postural issues and injuries, while uncovering body blind spots and habits that may cause you pain or exacerbate discomfort.


Virtual Sessions

Experience a private, 55-minute virtual session with me using convenient online video conferencing. Virtual sessions are scheduled according to your convenience; and once we complete a virtual session, I supply you with the recording so you can use it again and again. This is perfect for those who want individualized attention and appreciate the flexibility of being able to participate anywhere, anytime.  


In-Studio Sessions

For those in (or visiting) the Chicago area, in-studio, private sessions allows for a hands-on approach that can be incredibly beneficial.  All instruction will be tailored for your individual needs, and I will select the best equipment to help you achieve your movement goals. This could include Pilates and GYROTONIC® apparatus and accompanying props. This is perfect for those who want individualized, in-person attention and a hand-on approach.


Lush Lesson:
Curated, Custom-Designed Workout

 Give your body what it needs now with a custom-designed online class tailored to your needs and interests.


Program Details:

Lush Lessons was developed for those who want their own custom-designed online practice.  Simply fill out the Q&A, choose your ideal length of time, and process payment. Within one week, I will email you a link to a practice tailored to your needs and goals that you can download or watch anytime. This is perfect for those who want or need a custom, made-to-order solution for their health and wellness concerns.


Please note: I will assume you have access to common props (or household object equivalents), such as a block, resistance band, bolster, pillow, blanket. Custom sessions are nonrefundable.

Lush Library:
Online Library of Video Content *Coming Fall 2019*

 Gain access to an entire library of online Lush Living video content that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Build strength and mobility with workouts taught by Katy Lush.

Build strength and mobility with workouts taught by Katy Lush.

Program Details:

Lush Library will offer convenient access to our library of video content — choose from subscription-based or pay-as-you go online access for only $19.99/month.  This is perfect for those who want a variety of programming at their fingertips that they can access whenever and wherever they want.

Katy has helped to keep me healthy and more importantly, active. Her approach to my program is also designed to facilitate these other forms of exercise as well as the way I live and move through life. The programs that Katy has designed benefit my ‘everyday’ life of movement.
— Jan R.