About Lush Living


What is Lush Living?

It's a method of moving through life in a way that is organic and restorative for your mind and body.

  • Lush Living will take you on a journey through mindful movement (which doubles as exercise) by utilizing a large toolbox of user-friendly resources that are beneficial no matter your fitness level

  • You will create awareness surrounding daily movements and enhance your wellness by refining alignment, exposing blind spots, addressing pain points, overcoming injury, and improving overall mobility and strength

  • Take advantage of private sessions in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go

  • Choose from on-demand courses, one-on-one virtual sessions, curated classes tailored to your exact needs, and our online exclusive 6-week course Reboot.


Katy Lush Teaching a Lush Lesson Virtual Session


Meet Katy Lush – Your Movement Mentor and Founder of Lush Living

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Katy Lush

Founder, Lush Living

A retired dancer, Katy Lush has been dedicated to mind-body fitness for most of her life.

Receiving a BFA in ballet from Texas Christian University, she discovered the practice of Pilates. After moving to New York City where she received her certification, Lush realized she wanted her lifelong career to help people reach their fitness goals with healthy movement.

In 2004, two years afer moving to Chicago, she opened the doors to her own private studio- Chicago River North Pilates.

Focusing on pre/post-cancer treatment, the aging population and clients with traumatic injuries, Lush’s unique and intuitive methods of teaching combined with an unwavering focus have given her clients a decidedly fresh and holistic approach to mind-body health.

Lush’s certifications include PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, Certified Laban Movement Analyst, and soon Restorative Exercise Specialist.

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At the recommendation of a friend who understood the talents of Katy Lush Striebinger, I began working with her when I was in my mid-50s after suffering a crippling bout of sciatica. Katy’s knowledge of anatomy and movement set the stage for a recovery that initially informed how to move to avoid pain. She is constantly challenging her own knowledge and training and exploring the most effective application of her understanding of human movement to any given area of tightness or imbalance. After many years of work with her, I have learned to recruit and strengthen the muscles that have improved my gait and enabled me to resume running.
— Virginia B.