3 Exercise Tips that Promote Balance

  1. Your eyes- balance has a lot to do with your vision. Since a lot of people are myopic, it’s helpful to take eye breaks. To help your eyes, look out a window and try to focus on the furthest object you can see for about a minute. Repeat this a few times every hour to give your eyes a break. This helps relax the lenses in your eyes. Especially if you’re heavy on the screen time. 

  2. Your feet- most standing balance begins with your feet. If your feet are stiff from hard soled shoes or high heels, the small bones between the toes aren’t given the opportunity to help with balance. So stretch your toes! Start by scissoring one toe up, and the next one down and hold for a breath than switch the scissor. Work your way down your toes and then switch to the other side. This will help bring more blood flow to those small joints in the feet to help with balance. 

  3. Your ankles- when the feet are stiff, the ankles tend to over work to help correct balance. Therefore, it’s helpful to challenge their strength. Heel raises are a great and simple exercise you can do anywhere. Begin with bare feet and slowly rise up to the balls of your feet like you’re wearing high heeled shoes. Then slowly lower down. Make sure the feet stay parallel to one another. And eventually you want to do this without holding on to something. 

Katy Lush