The 411 on Exercising Outdoors

Q: What temperature is too cold to be working outdoors?

A: Living in Chicago, I’m fairly temperature adapted. That being said, I will limit working outdoors when the wind chill gets below 0*.  If I lived in Minnesota, I bet that number would be colder. I think it has a lot to do with what your body is adapted to. 

Q: Do you have any ideas/suggestions about clothing options if working outdoors in cold weather? how many layers?

A: I adore anything Smartwool. Socks, clothing, you name it. It’s magic in the way it keeps me warm. I’m odd in that I don’t layer a lot for cold temperatures. If I’m moving around a lot, I find I actually get too warm and sweaty. I find that a great pair of shoes and a coat, hat and gloves really are key. I also found a brand of winter gear called Arcteryx that can withstand really cold temperatures.  It’s actually the brand of jacket my husband wore when we went to Antarctica. 

Q: What kind of precautions can people take?

A: I feel like common sense rules when it comes to taking precautions in the cold. Watch the wind chill versus the temperature. I feel like that determines the true sense of cold. Use breathable fabrics and invest in a good pair of shoes, coat, hat and gloves and you should be set. 

Katy Lush